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PR&P Week 3 Big Boy Style . LittleKidsGrow

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So, here’s to the project that morphed, morphed, and then morphed again.

I’d originally planned the Project Run & Play Boy’s Week challenge for my 5-year-old. Then about a week ago, a mysterious cold/allergy/sinus/??? bug hit one child, and then another, and then another. (Have you been there?).  Thankfully, everyone is feeling better now, but up until Monday of this week, I was sewing for one child and then when he woke up with a fever, I had to do a last minute switch-er-roo and retrace my steps to begin sewing for my 7-year-old. Cranky 5-year-olds don’t make good camera partners, so I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

Last weeks outfit was a bit too “stiff” for this one. He’s more of a fly by the seat of your pants, dance around kind of guy. I knew I wanted to borrow some styling from casual menswear but it needed to be something fun that wasn’t too constricting. He doesn’t like turtlenecks (too tight), so I drafted a cowl knit pullover instead. I started with a basic bodice block, lowered the neckline and added a simple collar. Some of my best fabrics for my boys are upcycled from menswear. This was formerly a extra large men’s polo shirt that I just cut the seams out of. The corduroy pants were fun to make and fairly quick. I tried a new skill: faux welt pockets, which was amazingly simple. Here’s a great tutorial by Shauna over at Shwin and Shwin. Mr. Personality also wanted me to make him a top hat (something about  Dr. Seuss and the Lorax movie), but we ended up compromising with a fedora instead. The fedora took the longest out of all of my pieces. Who knew that making a hat out of knit would cause my sewing machine to get mad at me? Serious attitude, that one. All I wanted was something to warm his head in the winter. I thought that adding interfacing and then using buckram as a stiffener would be enough to stabilize the knit. Nope! My sewing machine continued to suck the stitches down into the feed dogs. I ended up sewing with paper (yep, regular paper) to make everything work. Great lesson in patience :). As you can see, he’s quite pleased. Oh, the things we do to make our kids smile!

Happy Day my friends. Don’t forget to vote!

Keep doin’ what you love!


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