Bias Tape Baby Bib Pattern

I have droolers. I don’t know what it is, but EVERY single child of mine has had serious water works goin’ on as a baby, and my 19-month-old is no exception.  We’ve gone through a ton of bibs. The plastic backed ones work great, but that crunchy sound is annoying, so I’ve been testing out bib fabrics, everything from t-shirts to terry cloth and everything was either too thin or too thick. Who would have guessed that these little receiving blankets stuffed in the back of the baby drawer would make the best bibs?

Receiving Blankets to Baby Bibs Tutorial - Free Baby Bib Pattern Over the years, I’ve collected lots of receiving blankets, but let’s admit it, those tiny little blankets are good for a couple of months before our little ones out grow them, and they’re too thin to provide real warmth. But, if you double them up, they are absorbent enough to catch super drool, thin enough to sew between bias tape and soft enough to make a mama happy. Trust me on this one. If you have a teething baby or know someone who does, you can never have enough bibs. 🙂 bias tape bib with free pattern - Little Kids Grow In this tutorial I’m going to show you how SUPER EASY it is to make a bias tape baby bib. I highly recommend using those receiving blankets you have lying around the house (you know you do), but any absorbent cotton fabric should work.


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  • Free Bias Tape Baby Bib Pattern

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  • Cozy Cotton Flannel Circles Marine Fabric    Cotton Flannel  is a great option if you don’t have a receiving blanket.  The finished bib size is approx. 7.25″ x 8.5″. When doubling the fabric, you should be able to get 2 bibs easily out of 1/4 yard.


  • Marking Tool (I usually recommend tailor’s chalk or temporary marker, but truthfully, a pen or a pencil will work. You’ll cut through the line when you cut out your fabric and any lines left will be covered up by the bias tape . 🙂 )


If your fabric is not bulky, fold it in half for double absorbency. Then fold in half, again, and place the pattern on the fold, matching the fold line on the pattern to the fold of the fabric. Bias Tape Bib Place Fabric   Trace around the pattern, transferring the mark at the top of the bib onto the fabric. Cut out your fabric. Receiving Blankets into Bias Tape Baby Bibs -   Stitch ¼” around the entire bib. Receiving Blankets into Bias Tape Baby Bibs - Starting at the transferred mark on the right side of your bib, open one end of your bias tape and enclose the edge of your bib within the tape. You can pin the bias tape around the bib to the other mark or you can just take your time and zig zag stitch (short stitches) the bias tape—¼” from the edge of the bib—making sure that the edge of the bib remains within the crease of the bias tape as you sew. Once you get to the other mark, clip the bias tape. Receiving Blankets into Bias Tape Baby Bibs -


When you get to the bottom curve of the bib, leave your needle down, lift your foot up and rotate your fabric, placing it inside of your bias tape. Once you’ve made the turn, then place the foot back down and continue to sew. The corner can be a little bumpy, so make sure you’re careful guiding your fabric through. Receiving Blankets into Bias Tape Baby Bibs - Fold your bib in half and mark the center point. Fold your cut bias tape in half and mark the center point. Pin the bias tape to the neck of the bib, matching center points. Beginning at the end of the bias tape, sew the tape closed using short zig zag stitches from one end, across the neck,  to the other end. Receiving Blankets into Bias Tape Baby Bibs - That’s it! All Done! Super easy, right? Until next time. Keep doin’ what you love! Shannon

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